Me & My Shadow

You established yourself as Pack Leader in your home and hold the “Alpha title” that has earned you the loyalty and respect that you were working so hard to accomplish. So then why is it that your canine companion is glued to your hip and follows you around everywhere in the house?  The answer is simple, dogs are pack animals, and if you’ve successfully socialized and domesticated  your dog, that’s pretty much what you get. It’s the pack member following the leader’s lead. It is natural instinct for your quick-witted pooch to be hard wired to cling to his pack, even as an adult dog. After all, you are the one who feeds him, shows affection, safety, and offers belly rubs. Camaraderie works the same in every community, both canine or human.  In past research, studies have shown that dogs are capable of loving their owners, which means they enjoying being close to you even if its just a trip into the bathroom or a few steps down the basement to do wash.
Some dogs will show fear or panic when they are not allowed to be with their owners, this is known as separation anxiety. Some signs of separation anxiety are clinginess, barking, yelping, pacing, and panting when your dog is not with you and loses sight of you. What your pet is most likely thinking is that he is about to loose his main friend and that you will not be returning. This is a condition that should be handled properly and recommended you seek help from a professional behaviorist.  This behavior should not to be confused with loyalty and companionship that is mentioned in the previous paragraph.
So allow your dog to follow you anywhere as you are the Master and the Pack Leader. Embrace the attention and enjoy your friend as they only have a limited amount of time to spend with us on this earth.  Be good to them, I promise they will be good back to you!
By~ Carol Skaziak