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A Note From the President and Founder…

The Throw Away Dogs Project was created in 2014 to help mend my broken heart. At the time, I was working in a luxury pet kennel. I was shocked to see the dogs that were intentionally left at our facility and never picked up. Being a passionate dog lover, the situation for these dogs left me sad, angry, and frustrated. I wanted to find a solution for dogs that had been cast off and left behind.

The majority of the dogs that were left at the facility were high intensity, yet extremely loyal. With proper training, I felt they could be turned into working dogs. I have always believed that every dog has a purpose. When matched with the right owner, they will be able to fulfill that purpose.

Around this time I met Jason Walters, a police officer whose K9 partner was only one day away from being euthanised before he had been donated to Jason’s police department. The donation was a last chance resort to save this dog’s life, while it was also a financially beneficial to his department. After several months of intense training, K9 Winchester was a member of Jason’s police department and the perfect addition to his family at home.

Since Jason and I have strong ties to the law enforcement community, the desire and passion to save high driven dogs and turn them into working Police K9’s was a natural route to take with this project. In February of 2014 we filed as an official non-profit 501(C)3 and were recognized by the IRS as tax exempt in July 2014. At the time, we had no idea that our project to find a purpose for “thrown away dogs” in our tri-state area would grow into the program that it is today.

In 2017, Jason and I met K9 Officer and Trainer, Bruce Myers. Bruce has handled some of our Throw Away Dogs as his Department welcomed our dogs on their team so he was very familiar about our mission and what we were about.  After spending some time with Bruce and seeing his true passion and mission in life was to repurpose dogs, Jason and I knew that Bruce was a perfect match for us and we asked him if he would like to join our team.

Have there been highs and lows to get this project off the ground? Absolutely! We have learned so much from the multitude of people that have worked with us along the way… simply because of their passion for dogs and willingness to share their individual talents, to help us grow into the program that we are today. We did not get here alone, and we are forever grateful for all the hands that have guided us along the way.

Thank you for following and supporting our journey!

Carol Skaziak

Bruce Myers, Carol Skaziak, Jason Walters

Bruce Myers, Carol Skaziak, Jason Walters

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