Our Mission

Throw Away Dogs Project™ is an Internationally recognized Nonprofit Organization turning misunderstood dogs into trained Law Enforcement Canines. Our Organization also grants specialized training through our K9 Law & Order Education Program to Law Enforcement Officers which maximizes their effectiveness in critical situations. Throw Away Dogs Project donates all of our dogs and training to departments throughout the United States.

We REPURPOSE, TRAIN, and RELOCATE Misunderstood dogs to positively impact our Communities.

We provide our repurposed dogs with training in obedience, weapons detection, mine detection, explosives detection, narcotics detection, patrol, tracking, apprehension, handler protection, search and rescue or to provide service to veterans and relocate these “unique” dogs to help positively impact our communities by arranging for their adoption by law enforcement agencies, for veterans, for use as K9 working dogs or to assist veterans as service dogs.

The Throw Away Dogs Project™ appreciates all contributions made to help with the funding of our mission. Because of your contribution we will to be able to continue to give misunderstood dogs a new purpose in life and move forward with donating our trained police canines to departments around the country in need. We will also be able to provide a new innovation of canine training at no cost to Law Enforcement Officers and Departments in America thanks to the sponsors like you who backed our mission.

Get Involved!

K9 Law & Order™ is offering a new evolution of real life scenario based K9 training by some of the Top Tier Instructors in the Country. We have developed an advanced contemporary criteria of K9 training performed by Industry Professionals.