K9 Law & Order Seminars

Our Vision

Providing a new innovation of K9 training at no cost to the Law Enforcement Officer or Department thanks to Throw Away Dogs Project, The K9 Law & Order Team, and the Sponsors who back our mission.

K9 Law & Order is offering a new evolution of real life scenario based K9 training by some of the Top Tier Instructors in the Country. We have developed an advanced contemporary criteria of K9 training performed by industry professionals.

Each Law Enforcement K9 Team is presented a platform of the highest quality standards and training that can only be produced at our seminars. The K9 teams will achieve training goals that might be out of other people’s comfort zones to help enhance their tactical effectiveness that will one day save their lives.

Please consider being a sponsor.

Throw Away Dogs project counts on donations and contributions donated by businesses and individuals to offset the cost of this canine training and educational program which are ALWAYS offered at no cost to the officers and departments.

To become one of our private/corporate sponsors for K9 Law and Order, please contact us or make a donation today!

K9 Law & Order Also Offers Every Officer:
– 3 Meals a day
– Motivational Speakers
– Camaraderie