Carol Skaziak

CEO and Founder

In 2013, a life changing mission was born from a routine monthly article written by Skaziak. The article was based around the “the throw away society of misunderstood dogs”. During the time of researching and writing this article, Carol met Officer Jason Walters and his rescue K9 named Winchester. She wanted to learn more about Winchester’s backstory and how he was a day away from being euthanized and now is a Certified Dual Purpose Canine. She was so intrigued by Winchester’s journey that her article took a completely different turn and focused more on the Law Enforcement aspect. This only seemed natural for her as she been a part of the family in Blue since 1997 when she married a Police Officer. At this time in her life, Carol worked in Public Relations and Marketing so it was game on to promote K9 Winchester’s story to the media to spread awareness of how this was even possible that a misunderstood dog on death row now serves his community as a Law Enforcement K9. Winchester’s story took off and they appeared in every media outlet possible. Newspapers, magazines, local news, as well as National news. Never in a million years did she think this story would have fascinated the Nation. It was at that moment that Carol realized that she needed to continue this mission and do it herself. Her life was about to change and she was on a mission that she knew absolutely nothing about and could not explain why this calling was put in front of her to fulfill. 

Skaziak asked for the help of her now Partner, Jason Walters to join her in forming a Nonprofit Organization to give misunderstood dogs a new purpose in life by giving them a job in Law Enforcement. Her young Organization had the bones of a Veteran but how in the world was she going to be able to convince Law Enforcement agencies around the Country that she knew what she was doing? There was knowledge gaps and Carol had minimal connections in the Working Dog World. This fueled Skaziak to learn, travel, watch, take classes, promote, and talk to as many K9 Handlers and Trainers who would be willing to give her their time. The first year there was many bumps, bruises, and tears. But as time passed Throw Away Dogs continued to grow at a very fast pace. The success rate of her Organization started to become quite impressive and continued to gain National recognition. She started to see the impact that her mission was providing not only to repurpose misunderstood dogs but the Departments that she donated her dogs to were making a huge difference in the community they serve in. This was a Win-Win for everyone! 

As of 2023, Throw Away Dogs donated 60 dogs that are working the streets with Local, State, and Federal agencies. Both Dual Purpose and Single Purpose K9s. All dogs that graduated from her program have been successfully trained for Patrol, Explosive Detection, Narcotic Detection, Contraband, Tracking, and now has ventured into Arson Detection. Carol was very clear to express that the Organization “IS NOT” Breed specific and will train and donate any breed as long as the dog can do the job and do it well. The Organization has also developed “Pitbull for Police” program and has several death row Pitbulls now in Law Enforcement positions around the Country. Most recent Pitbull placement is K9 Hansel who is the first Certified Arson Detection Pitbull in the United States, who also was Nationally recognized as one of the Dogs of the Year. Carol continues to promote her Organization as much as possible to spread awareness that “This can be done” in hopes that others will follow in her footsteps. 

In 2020, Skaziak and Walters created a new project called Law & Order K9 Education Program which provides specialized training for working Police K9s and their handlers by Top-Tier Instructors to improve the betterment of the team. Our organization believes that we have the responsibility to educate and support the individuals that protect us every day from the crime ridden world we live in. Throw Away Dogs Project will provide direct support for our K9 Police community around the world, again, free of charge. 

Throw Away Dogs continues to make National as well as International news and has been recognized by NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, ABC NATIONAL NEWS, People Magazine both in America as well as South Africa, Nat Geo Wild, Washington Post, CNN, Good Morning America, the FIVE on Fox 29 just to name a few. 

Skaziak has an amazing Team of dedicated Trainers and helpers that continue to help the mission move forward and grow the success rate of the dogs being donated around the County. Carol has earned the respect and recognition of some of the most influential Dog Trainers, Breeders, and Brokers around the County. 

The words that she reluctantly admits…

“This mission was born by accident and never meant to happen. It did happen and happen for a reason that I truly can’t explain. My passion pours out of my soul and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I think I now understand what a true calling is.”