Cody Laurine
K9 Law & Order Decoy
Throw Away Dogs Teammate

Cody is a former Law Enforcement Officer and Marine Corps Veteran. He attended Throw Away Dog project seminar in 2021, and shortly after was paired with his first K9 partner, Karma. At the time she was a 7 months old Dutch Shepherd. Laurine trained K9 Karma in narcotics, tracking, and article searches and got her certified shortly after she turned a year old. While training Karma, he fell in love with canine training and spent every free moment he had training his partner as well as other Police dogs from the surrounding agencies. His next goal was to learn as much about decoying and bite work so he could continue a future career in an industry that he loved. He attended several decoy schools and learned how to problem solve and train dogs that focused on bite work and apprehension.

In 2023, he exited his Law Enforcement career and started training canines full time at NC K-9 LLC located in Four Oaks NC under Jim O’Brien.

He has participated as well as volunteered his time at every K9 Law & Order seminar since the start up of the program and loving every second of it! Having the opportunity to help train Law Enforcement teams around the Country and watch them progress makes it all worth it.