Cody Rowe

K9 Law & Order Decoy
Throw Away Dogs Teammate
  • 10 years of total K9 handling experience spread across single purpose and dual purpose dogs
  • Active decoy with experience catching dogs in sport and LEO capacity
  • Owner & head trainer at Rowe’s K9 Connection focusing on pet dog obedience
  • Active LEO K9 handler

Cody has been fortunate enough over the years to have been able to learn from some of the best in the industry and has had the opportunity to have hands on experience with numerous dogs.

With his love of building strong k9 teams he discovered the same passion for helping pet dogs and owners build better bonds and meet their training goals. Cody is now the Founder and Head Trainer of his own training business called Rowe’s K9 Connection.

He has often said he feels blessed to be apart of the Throw Away Dogs team, an organization that has personally helped him grow as a handler and now he has the opportunity to share that knowledge and prepare k9 teams with valuable training that may save their lives.