Cody Tallent

Head Trainer – Throw Away Dogs
Lead Instructor/Head Trainer for K9 Law & Order Education Program
Advisory Board Member

Cody was an Active Duty United States Marine from 2003 to 2011. During his tour, he became a Military Working Dog Handler in the year 2007. After exiting the Marine Corps as a Handler with Combat Deployments to Iraq and Africa, he contracted as a K9 Trainer/Instructor for Vohne Liche Kennels and traveled to the Middle East and Brazil for Defense Contracts that required Explosive Detection and Patrol Canines. 

Cody is a self-taught Decoy/Helper who has developed an athletic style/system of training Canines based on information about real life engagements and authentic target behavior that he receives from his Law Enforcement and DOD Clients.

Cody has been featured by Working Dog Magazine and HITS at seminars for being an SME within training Patrol Canines. Cody has conducted over 100 professional K9 Training and Decoy Seminars for Law Enforcement, DOD, and Personal Protection.