Jason Walters

Co-Founder and Vice President

Jason has been a member of the Law Enforcement since 2008. He has personal experience with the potential that exists in many Rescue Dogs. In 2011, Jason received his first K9 partner, a German Shepherd named Winchester, which was donated to his department just one day before being euthanized. Being a dog lover his entire life, he feels there isn’t anything better than having a loyal and faithful canine partner by his side at work each day.

K9 Winchester became the inspiration and Ambassador of the Throw Away Dogs Project in 2014. K9 Winchester retired from the Force in 2016 due to health reasons and lived the rest of his retired life with Jason and his family. It was with great sadness that Winchester passed away in September of 2017.

Jason continues his K9 career with his new Partner K9 Jase who is a Dual Purpose/Explosive Detection Dog. Holding the title of Co-Founder & Vice President of an Organization called The Throw Away Dogs Project is such a rewarding experience and his vision for growth is limitless. Jason’s mission is to find those dogs that need to be “Repurposed” and give them a second chance. While Jason is not working and helping with daily operations of the Organization he is spending time with his family.