Rebecca Hopper

Advisory Board & Trainer

Rebecca began her K9 career in 2011 as a Handler at the New Bern Police Department. She worked under Jim Rowe, Master Trainer at Rowe’s Elite K9. She began helping with training her first dog, K9 Ringo. In 2019, she was hired at Craven County Sheriff’s Office where the Sheriff wanted her to start a K9 Program. After 3 years, the K9 Unit now consists of 7 K9s in the Unit thanks to her hard work and dedication. Rebecca took part with training all 7 dogs who are certified in Scent Detection, Tracking, Article Searches, and Criminal Apprehension. This had been with the help of our Throw Away Dogs Project program who provided Craven County our 2 K9’s (K9 Nibbles and K9 Bear) at no cost. All 7 K9s at Sheriff’s Office have been obtained by donations made to the agency through Friends of Craven County Sheriff’s Office. Rebecca has also assisted other Agencies with obtaining K9s and providing Handler School for the Department at no cost.

Rebecca has expressed that after obtaining the training she received from Throw Away Dogs Project and their Trainers from the K9 Law & Order Education Program, she has completely revamped the way she trains.

“I had no idea this type of training would motivate me the way it has. I am now a better Handler and Trainer soley because of this organization and the training they provide. I am so excited to be part of this Team and mission that is changing the course of K9 training! “