Tyler Van Leer

Head of K9 Arson Detection Program

Tyler has been a firefighter for 9 years. He started out as a volunteer Firefighter with Millville New Jersey Fire Department in 2011 and was hired in June of 2013 as a career Firefighter.
Tyler now holds the titles of Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator and K9 Handler. He also is a certified EMT and holds a variety of other Firefighting certifications.

Most importantly the reason our Organization believes Tyler would be an excellent addition and run this program is that he now handles one of our very special dogs, ThrowAwayDogs K9 Hansel who holds a very special title in the Country….. First certified Arson Detection K9 Pitbull in the United States.

No one understands more than Tyler about giving misunderstood dogs a second chance and a new purpose in life. We feel that Tyler’s passion, loyalty, and knowledge of job will help fulfill the need for more Accelerant Detection Canine (ADC) in the United States.

And as a reminder, Throw Away Dogs Project will “Donate” Arson Detection Dogs to Fire Departments in need across the Country free of charge.